Hi, I am Gini

witchy nature freak

and empathic listener plus rebel all at once.

And you?

I bet we have one thing in common.

You also know the feeling of going to bed in the evening or at night, being completely exhausted and so tired. And even though you yearn for nothing more than to finally put the day behind you, there are so many loud voices in your head.

Even your body can't let go completely. And now you're stressed that you can't fall asleep right away, but sleep would be just so good and even important.

I was there, too.

Imagine a highly stressed person. With a dress, of course. That was me. Except that I'm one of those people who seem the calmer the more stressed they are.

Negative stress manifests itself in many different ways, but is never pleasant and always exhausting.

I help tired, exhausted people out of the downward spiral of stress, towards ease and joy at work.

From gray and cold to colorful and warm.

What is essential going forward?

- The courage for change.

- A sense of security, which the breathing technique gently strengthens within you.

- Strengthening the connection to the self (core, soul) so that you can express your needs with clarity.

- Feeling safe enough to be with supressed emotions from the past, so they can let go.

What makes my coaching stand out?

Qualifications and certificates

-Rebirthing Breathwork Practitioner (still in training)

- certified Wayfinder Lifecoach (Martha Beck)

- certified yoga teacher (300h) and classical Kundalini

- personal burnout experience and countless experiences with negative stress

- countless breathing courses, trainings and lectures on stress

- many interpersonal experiences in the profession as a teacher

“I feel very grateful for how Gini helped me see what fear was coming up in a specific work area of my life. She helped me see the fear clearly and to compare it with what happened in reality. It gave me an important insight on a limiting belief I was carrying around, making mistakes and belonging. I feel more confident in meeting that fear and navigating that belief.”

Johanna Eriksson

Here are some personal facts:

As you can see from one of the pictures, I like to go hiking and spend a lot of time in nature. In doing so, I have the best conversations with animals that are crossing my path.

I've explored different places on our exciting earth. (India, Thailand, China, Bali, USA, Hawaii, Scandinavia, Italy, Puerto Rico, Paris. . . ) Preferably and sometimes I didn’t even have a choice, with low budget. Meanwhile I have grown older and at least a toilet nearby is a must.

Dancing is my number one happiness drug. The idea of a perfect evening always ends with me dancing around a campfire.

My orientation system is insanely good. It's because I seem to be taking inner photos of important points. Meanhwile my name memory suffers because remembering street names isn’t important for me. (So my theory.) Therefore, please do not ask for movie, song or book titles or the name of the person to my right.

I believe that we are all connected. Not only to each other but to something bigger. (love, thruth, god, …)

My most recent training and certificates come from different countries and continents. Yoga from India, life coaching from the USA and breathing techniques from Australia and India. Most of my wisdom has its origin in Austria.

More Hobbies: painting, modern calligraphy, singing at weddings and christenings, jogging through forests, ...

If you’re thinking “we should know each other,” 

I agree.