Take a deep breath and relax your shoulders.



and welcome to my homepage!

I am Gini and I help overworked, exhausted people like you to permanently lower their stress levels and to regulate their nervous system.

We do that with the power of BREATHING.

"Breath is the most direct and instantanious way to influence the Nervous System.” (The Reconnected)

I don't believe in coincidences.

You have landed on this page, because you want to address your gray thoughts and worries to finally create a colorful fulfilled successful life with your entire color palette.


most of us know exactly why we feel stressed, shy, angry. . . And yet we are incapable of changing our behaviour.

Just knowing it is not enough. The root of the imbalance is often in the nervous system.

Long-lasting negative stress and anxiety lead to less flexibility in the NS.



The good news.

Breathing is deeply connected to the nervous system.

With various breathing techniques, the nervous system can get it’s flexibility back. You feel stronger and more relaxed.

Life feels easier.